Shop & Office Fitouts

Shop and office fitouts in Lismore


When it comes time to update your commercial space or prepare a new location, count on our team. Ben Lynch Cabinetmaking has lots of experience with shop and office fitouts. Not only do we provide the highest levels of service, but our turnaround time is incomparable to other companies. Even though we work with your budget in mind, we still plan to exceed your expectations.

Commercial Fitouts

We handle every part of your commercial fitout, from design to completion. This allows us to provide the best results at the lowest prices. If you are a landlord, it’s wise to use our commercial fitout services to increase vacancy rates. As you lower your costs, you earn more profits—even while providing competitive rental prices.
If you have an empty space, we work from scratch to create the environment you desire. It all begins with our design team. Share your thoughts and dreams with us so we can create the right plan for you. Then, we install everything as requested—just the way you want it and in record time.
If you need to renovate an existing space, our team handles all refurbishments. As your business grows, you might find yourself with new needs that aren’t met in the current office. Let us evaluate the surroundings to determine what can be improved, from storage space and cupboard solutions, to partitions and carpentry.
Creating a practical workspace makes your team and customers more comfortable. This increases productivity and satisfaction.

Custom Fit-Out

Your business might have unique requirements that demand a custom design. We have plenty of experience creating the unusual. Because our team is highly trained, we know how to effectively communicate with our clients to achieve the end goal. Sit with our design team to determine what works for you.