Kitchen renovations in Lismore


Your kitchen is the lifeline of the home. More than merely a place to cook, the kitchen is a hub of socializing, creating and enjoyment. Because of that, we design all kitchen plans with the needs of the client in mind. Every installation is personalised to suit your desires and lifestyle. We make functionality a top priority.


We provide a full selection of kitchen benchtop solutions to fit any lifestyle and budget. Consider these options:
Studio Range — Ben Lynch Cabinetmaking in Lismore, NSW

Studio Range

These benchtops are chosen by world-leading experts, based on a range of textures and colours bound to bring your kitchen to life. With everything from rough, rustic bentops to the glass-like Laminex Diamond-Gloss range, you’ll be spoilt for choice when you talk to our team!
Lifestyle range — Ben Lynch Cabinetmaking in Lismore, NSW

Lifestyle Range

Whether you are in search of a benchtop that is coarse or smooth, dull or bright, matt or glossy—the Lifestyle Range offers laminates in a wide array of colours, textures and designs. Find the right one to match your new kitchen and lifestyle today.


Durable and practical, this engineered stone is popular because of its tactile appearance and beautiful appeal. We offer Caesarstone in many designs and colours, ranging from large, stone chips to marble-like blended tones. These benchtops come in sizes from 20mm to 80mm.
Solid Surface benchtop — Ben Lynch Cabinetmaking in Lismore, NSW

Solid Surface

Solid surface benchtops provide a stain-resistant slab with no joins. While it’s more expensive, these designs are growing in appeal and ideal for those who want to give their kitchen a major update. The surfaces are also ideal for cooking and entertaining.
Timber benchtop — Ben Lynch Cabinetmaking in Lismore, NSW


Timber is tactile, natural and gets better with age. Consider it for a rustic design in a country-style home or a durable workbench to prepare feasts for friends and family. Our team can create the timber kitchen of your dreams!

Kitchen Cabinets

We provide an array of cabinets suited to the existing features of your kitchen—no matter the design or material. Some options include:
  • Gloss
  • Matt
  • Handles (with or without)
  • Provincial style
  • Woodgrain
  • Eco ranges
  • Solid colour
If you don’t know what kitchen benchtop or cabinet is right for you, book our free design appointment. Our qualified kitchen design team will walk you through every option, price range and application. We can discuss the benefits of each option so you can make an informed decision.